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Wood Fences

Building a wooden fence is a very popular choice. Wood has a natural appearance, it’s versatile, and it can be finished with stain or paint.

Wooden Fence Styles

Estate Style Fence

Estate style fence is the most economical cedar fence style. Estate fence consists of 4 1/8” x 4 1/8” pressure treated posts, with a 2×4 tight knot cedar rail installed on edge 12” up from the bottom of the posts, and a 2×4 tight knot cedar rail installed on edge 12” down from the top of the posts. Then, 1×4 fence boards are nailed to the rails. The tops of the fence boards are trimmed so that the appearance of the fence is a smooth, clean line. All of our posts are set 24” deep in concrete.

Modified Panel Fence

Modified Panel style fencing is a way to add some visual detail to your fence. The fence is installed using the same materials as the estate fence, however, the 2×4 top rail is installed on edge towards the top of the posts. After the fence boards are nailed up, we install a 1×4 fascia board across the front of the tops of the fence boards and a 2×4 top cap along the top of the fence. This creates a nice, picture framed finish along the top of your fence.

Full Panel Fence

Full Panel style is actually a style that we do not recommend installing in the PNW. The reason for this is that in a full panel fence, while also having the picture framed top like the modified panel style, the bottom rail is installed at the bottom of the posts, with a fascia board. This creates a fully framed in fence panel, which, while aesthetically pleasing, actually increases the rate at which the bottom support rail will rot. You don’t want the supports of your fence to be touching dirt and holding in moisture.

Deco Top Fence

Deco top is a general way to describe a fence that has some sort of decorative top to it. Sometimes we take a modified panel fence and cut 12” off of every other board. You can also add latticework to the top of your fence. There are many different options to add visual style and character to your cedar fence.

Horizontal Fence

Horizontal fence is a more modern fence style that simply has the fence boards installed horizontally instead of vertically. In a lot of horizontal fences, we install 1×6 fence boards instead of 1×4. There is also usually a slight gap between the fence boards – up to an inch in width. The posts can either be installed 8’ on center or 6’ on center.

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